- A musical lovestory that takes place in the years of oppression

In the early 1900’s, when Finland was under Russian rule, the emperor tightened his
grip on Finland, starting to Russify her people with a heavy hand.

The film tells the story of a poet Aaro Manner who gets persecuted for his strong
opposition to the plans for Russification. A despotic Russian commander dislikes
the admirations and strong reactions that the writings of Aaro bring forth in the people.
The commander wants to get rid of him. Killing Aaro would make the poet a martyr.
Therefore the commander spreds out a rumour that Aaro is guilty of murdering the vicar,
who in fact is held in prison by the Russians. Aaro, who resists violence, has to escape
and hide.
The commander puts the poet’s sweetheart, the vicars’ daughter Ella, in the
position of having to make an impossible choice: her father’s life or that of her loved one?
The film tells about hope and love. It’s a film of great emotions includeing scenes with
big crowds, new music and songs with great orcestrations.

Written and directed by Timo Koivusalo


Production Company Artista Filmi Oy

ARTISTA FILMI has been producing successful featurefilms and TV-programs
since 1994. “Sibelius” 2003 that tells the lifestory of the great composer and
“The rose of the rascal” 2001 reached 625 000 viewers in screenings.
The distinctive mark of an Artista Filmi production is a great story, exellent
production value, great actors and team of high skills.

4 “Pekko” drama-comedy films for the whole family 1993-1997

3 Drama Fiction films; 3 Biographs in different time.
"Kulkuri ja joutsen" (THE SWAN AND THE WANDERER 1999)
"Rentun ruusu" (THE ROSE OF THE RASCAL 2001)
"Sibelius" (SIBELIUS 2003)

“Kaksipäisen kotkan varjossa” (SHADOW OF THE EAGLE 2005) Musical-
dramafilm Coming up in October 2006 “Kalteva Torni” (LEANING TOWER 2006)


“Tuttu juttu show” a very popular weekly entertainment tv-show.
Co-production with Yleisradio TV2

“Leikin varjolla” a weekly tv-entertainment co-production with Yleisradio TV2

The director


Timo Koivusalo 1963 is the owner and managing director of Artista Filmi. Since 1994
he has directed 8 feature films. He’s a producer, TV host, writer and composer.
He has received several Film and TV awards, is weekly on TV as a host in a popular
show broadcasted by YLE. He has composed music to 6 featurefilms. Several of his
compositions and lyrics have result in gold- and platinum records.