What happens when two people live inside one man?
A warm tragicomedy about difference

There are six billion people in the world and as many ways of surviving in life. This is one of them. The Leaning Tower is a film about how it feels to live from day to day without knowing what is true and what is not.

Johannes is a kind man who suffers from a life-curtailing personality disorder. His biggest dream is to see the Leaning Tower one day but he fears that he won’t see it before it crumbles. Johannes is building a leaning tower from wooden discs in the park of a mental hospital when a little girl who is playing in the park becomes acquainted with him. She also starts to dream of seeing the Leaning tower. The grandmother of the girl, a former ballerina who once toured Europe’s opera stages, promises to take her granddaughter to see the leaning tower in Italy because she also wants to see the scenes of her early life’s dreams, in search of her past. The mother of the little girl, who also is the mental nurse for Johannes, goes after the threesome when she can’t reach them and they don’t come home with the plane they should. Here starts an incredible story in the heart of Europe.

During the journey Johannes meets a young couple who have been refugees all their lives. They have waited for asylum in various countries without having roots or a sense of belonging. Their love for each other is forbidden due to their different religious backgrounds.

What does our time have to offer to different people - is there a place for them? If the world is divided into two, what becomes of those who belong to neither one? Does anyone now really have the ability to listen to others?


An ageing woman is looking for a world that doesn’t exist anymore A young girl is looking for a world that doesn’t exist yet. A man is looking for a world that never existed and will never exist for his kind. But is there still room for miracles in this world?

Motto: Leaning is in the eye of the beholder. Who would have cared about it had it always been upright? It will never become upright but it won’t crumble either. It will remain standing, maybe tilting a little, but still standing.